Ulysses “Seen” in the News

In case you’ve missed it (!), ULYSSES “SEEN” has been in the press quite a bit lately – and not in a small way. After the break a sampling of the articles in which we’ve appeared, and we will add to it as it continues to grow. A HUGE “Thank You” to ALL of the writers who have thought enough of this story to cover it, and an even bigger “Thank You” to those who contacted us directly!


NPR (Audio and transcript from Joel Rose’s great piece for “All Things Considered” 6/16/10)

Motley Fool

The New York Times (Big “Thank You’s” to Julie Bosman and Amanda Petrusich)
Joyce Found Too Graphic, This Time By Apple
Same Article – This Time in the Technology Section

The New Yorker (A big “Thank You” to Macy Halford).
Apple Alters Restrictions on Ulysses “Seen” iPad App
No Buck Naked on the iPad

Publishers Weekly

Slate Magazine– The Big Money
Joyce’s ULYSSES Banned Again – By Apple
Why Apple’s No-Nude Policy Worries Me
Apple Relents on Some App Nudity – But the Controversy Isn’t Over
Apple Rethinks Ban on ULYSSES
The L.A. Times




Boing Boing

The Associated Press

The Irish Times

The Irish Independent
Nude ULYSSES Too Rude For Apple
Apple Backs Down in Nude ULYSSES Row

The Guardian

The Christian Science Monitor

France 24.com

Robot 6 (A big “Thank You” to Brigid Alverson!)
Apple Changes Content Policy, Allows ULYSSES “SEEN” in Original Format

ULYSSES and the Road to the iPad

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