New Comic Pages October 5th!

mulligan_devilish_1Throwaway Horse, LLC will be presenting new, weekly installments of its comix adaptation of James Joyce’s Ulysses at our web site,,  beginning October 5, 2009 and running through December 7, 2009.  In addition to giving readers 40 new pages of the comic, Throwaway Horse will add new features and a new schedule of regular content.

The comic will now update on Mondays with four new pages.  The Reader’s Guide, our online annotation for solving some of the mysteries of the novel page-by-page, will follow with daily analysis Tuesday through Friday of each week.

In addition, Throwaway Horse is happy to introduce Michael Perridge as a regular contributor to the site.  Michael will be blogging about his experience as he reads Ulysses for the first time, wrestling with what many consider to be the most difficult, if ultimately rewarding, book ever written.  If all goes well this should be like watching a one-man Oprah book club suddenly finding itself on the set of Survivor.

“Ulysses Seen” garnered considerable notice and comment with its first installment on June 16, 2009, known as “Bloomsday” to Joyce fans the world over.  New Yorker magazine called “Ulysses ‘Seen'” “real fun,” and found Berry’s art work “lush and comical.”  No fewer than 16 online blogs and magazines reviewed and reported on the project, including Paste Magazine, all of which are collected in the site’s “Press” section.  The “Twittersphere” was abuzz with comment as well, with tweets coming from everyone from musician Mike Watt, to Random House, the original publishers of Joyce’s Ulysses, who called the project “V. interesting.”

Throwaway Horse LLC is a company dedicated to fostering understanding of public domain literary masterworks by joining the visual aid of the graphic novel with the explicatory aid of the internet.  “Ulysses ‘Seen'” is its inaugural project.  Comic book artist Berry and Joyce scholar Mike Barsanti conceived of the project as a forum for both the first time reader and the Joyce expert to discuss, explore, and debate a book considered to be both one of the most important books of the 20th century and one of the most difficult. Throwaway Horse LLC has posted the website as a kind of “alpha” web 2.0 project in which visitors can help shape content and direction of the site itself. The project is being presented in serialized form, like the original novel, with the hopes it can be completed in slightly less than the 10 years it took for Joyce to write the novel itself.

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